The cover’s printing was about what I expected. It came out nicely. :)

I’m slightly disappointed by the standard paper quality from lulu. It’s kinda pixellated even though I was printing 300 dpi. So I’m not sure what I did wrong there. I do know I was a little too close for comfort about the bleed margins this time around, lolll. But you can still read all the text around the center… just some more uncomfortably than others. xD

Unfortunately, the industry standard paper isn’t available for the size I was printing in (A5), so the ink bled a little farther into the paper than I would have liked where tone was involved.

I only have three test print volumes, so I won’t be selling them this time. :’D I’m going to try to reformat them again and print them at a higher quality next round, so maybe they’ll go on sale eventually. <3 

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